• Icarus Roof Conversion to suit Landrover Defender Image is shown for illustrative purposes only. Actual product, its color, package and options could be different.
  • Icarus Roof Conversion to suit Landrover Defender
  • Icarus Roof Conversion to suit Landrover Defender


The Icarus Roof Conversion – There’s no denying the convenience of a rooftop tent, but that’s not to say the solution doesn’t have its shortfalls…

  1. You lose the ability to pack bulky items on your roof-rack
  2. It may raise your vehicle’s center of gravity
  3. Reduces aerodynamics, and…
  4. May prevent access to underground parking

Well, that’s where our roof conversion comes in…Providing as many benefits as an all-out camper solution, where you get to enjoy simultaneous access to your tent, as well as your vehicle’s kitchen / storage area – no matter how bad the weather.

Complete Package

We can’t think of a more capable overland solution for two of the most capable 4x4 vehicles. While the Icarus conversion kits are designed solely for Land Rover Defender owners, our more recent Hercules conversion is designed strictly for Land Cruiser Troopy models.

No matter which of these iconic vehicles you own, the conversion is available in kit form. The job takes about 1-2 days to complete, and once done, you’ll then have access (via an internal roof opening) to your tent, your clothes, your cupboards and your kitchen – all in one supremely capable and compact package.


It’s also worth noting that the Icarus conversion is 100% reversible, so should you wish to migrate the kit to another Defender, or simply restore your vehicle to its original state, you have that option, too.

Easy Access

The roof conversion does away with having to climb up and down ladders, and also frees up packing space where you now have the option of mounting a full-size roof-rack. Bear in mind, however, that packing heavy items on top of your vehicle’s roof will affect how easy it is to open, so some experimenting will be needed to determine what works for you.

Otherwise, the roof takes seconds to unlatch and open, and thanks to the flip-up bed and mattress, you not only have access to your clothing and cupboards, you also get to stand upright while changing. Lastly, the roof can be closed with all your bedding inside, which means you never have to deal with stuffing away a sleeping bag, and you don’t have to find packing space for your blanket and pillows. Provided your bedding is relatively neat and flat, it’s all stored up top and is just a latch-and-flip away.

Going offroad has never been so easy, so convenient, and so unbelievably capable. It’s the ultimate solution for two ultimate 4x4 vehicles.


  • Aerodynamic design: To minimise wind resistance & fuel consumption
  • Construction: Aluminium
  • Colours: Black or white
  • Tent, dual layer: 400 gram UV resistant rib lock waterproof canvas with sealed seams
  • Roof insulation: polyethylene closed-cell foam & insulating quilt
  • Lighting: Two stock lights for reading & Three LED diffused lights
  • Cargo: Integrated roof cargo tracks allow for small roof rack or load bars


Quantity Required

External dimensions:

Length: 2815mm

Width: 1440mm (1470mm with gutters)

Height: 390mm with rails, 370mm to roof top

Added height: 180mm

Mattress dimensions:

Length: 2370mm

Width: 1250mm (two piece)

Thickness: 70mm


125 kg + package weight

Name Engine, cm3 Power Body Years
Land Rover Defender 110, 130 Series County / Dual Cab

Icarus Roof Conversion to suit Landrover Defender

  • Brand: Ironman4x4
  • Model AC-RCK
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