• Ford Ranger PXII 2015-7/2018 XLT Snorkel Image is shown for illustrative purposes only. Actual product, its color, package and options could be different.
  • Ford Ranger PXII 2015-7/2018 XLT Snorkel


Snorkels are an excellent way to protect your four wheel drive's engine. The higher air intake gives you the combined benefits of cooler & cleaner air intake, safer water crossings and increased airflow for improved performance.

4WD's fitted with Ironman 4x4 Snorkels benefit from increased airflow to the engine and a raised air intake to minimse the chances of water ingress.

These snorkels are manufactured from high quality materials which are UV resistant to increase longevity, plus a built-in rain deflector to stop water getting in during heavy downpours. All built to Australian standards.

Designed to fit neatly and snugly to the contours and air box configuration of individual vehicles, with full installation instructions and template included, be sure to check that you are ordering correctly for your vehicle make, model and build date.



Not compatible with XL, use ISNORKEL034.


Icon pdf ISnorkel034XLT_IM.pdf 1.07 MB


5 Year

Name Engine, cm3 Power Body Years
Ford Ranger PXII 2015 - 7/2018

Ford Ranger PXII 2015-7/2018 XLT Snorkel

  • Brand: Ironman4x4
  • Model ISNORKEL034XLT
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